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Remove the Fear of Losing a Legacy

As we age, our concerns turn to protecting our life’s savings. If you are the adult child of an elder parent or family caregiver of an elder loved one, you are also concerned about the money they have saved over their lifetimes. We understand the high costs of long-term care, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. We also realize that people are living longer than ever before.
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How do we make sure our loved ones have enough money to live their full life? How do we make sure we have enough money for our own lives?   

Medicaid is a resource that is overlooked. Best Advice Medicaid Planning uncovers that stone for you. We show you how effective Medicaid is to protect the money that you and your parents have worked to save all of your lives.


Many view Medicaid as a negative resource and one that is not available to everyone. 

Consider this: You worked and earned your salary. You paid into Medicaid over the years. And therefore, you have a right to access Medicaid to preserve your family’s savings. With the help of a knowledgeable Medicaid planning team, you can have it.
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Let’s talk about why you think Medicaid won’t work for you. 

Many people say they will not qualify for Medicaid. They make this decision on their own because of their family’s assets and income. Instead, take the time to work with a Medicaid planning professional who knows the ins and outs and can better assess your possibility of using Medicaid as a tremendous resource. We speak with so many people who thought they would never qualify. Let us help you make an informed decision.


What about the five-year lookback?

The five-year lookback is another concern many have regarding qualifying for Medicaid. Our experience in navigating Medicaid applications and understanding what can and cannot be done with your assets over the past five years will help you. Let us put that knowledge to work for you. 
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Medicaid does NOT severely limit your nursing home options.

We often hear people concerned about the quality of nursing homes. In Florida, 80-90% of the nursing homes accept Medicaid (per the American Council on Aging). So your options for nursing homes are greater than you may realize. 


Let’s talk about how Best Advice helps you.

In the planning stage, we answer your questions while we gather all the details that are needed. A plan is crafted to meet your goals with steps on how to move forward. Ultimately, we are working to meet the long-term health care financial needs of you or your loved one. 
During the implementation stage, we bring the plan to life. Our goal is to make this simple for you, so we help you every step of the way. This groundwork provides us with what is needed to proceed to the application stage. 
Applying for the benefits you deserve may feel overwhelming to you with the many rules, policies and procedures. That is exactly why we are here. We handle the paperwork and the communication with the state agencies. The collection of verification documentation and explanation of the plan to the agencies is of utmost importance. Failure to provide the correct information and details regarding assets, the five-year lookback, and other criteria may result in denial. That is why it is so important to allow us to take care of these steps on your behalf. Our 100% success rate speaks highly of our results. 

Because you deserve it. Let us make Medicaid simple for you.